About IMC International

Since 1988, Innovative Marketing Consultants International has served the world’s leading corporations as a consulting firm specializing in cutting-edge marketing solutions and business advisory services. In addition to discovering new opportunities and developing strategies for success, our team will help uncover the hidden potential value of your organization.

IMC’s strength lies in the quality of its people. As recognized experts in their respective fields, each of our consultants has significant experience working with top firms across the globe. During the course of such engagements, we create an atmosphere that facilitates intellectual excellence grounded in proven methodology and business acumen.

Also, IMC believes in developing long-term relationships with clients in order to become true partners for growth. Our portfolio of services has generated proven results for a wide range of product and service companies representing every major industry vertical and 6 of the world’s top 10 brands.

Our Vision

IMC aspires to be the first choice for cutting edge and most innovative business solutions worldwide.

Our Mission

To provide unmatched value to our clients through innovative business solutions and insights.

Executive Consultants

In addition to in-house expertise, IMC International is privileged and honored to have an accomplished team of independent external management consultants, who are available on demand to provide consulting services to IMC’s clients.

These consultants are either scholars or practitioners in their respective areas of expertise and have extensive experience in providing insights to the corporate world and to Small and Medium enterprises. Based on their availability, these consultants will engage with IMC’s clients for providing consulting services, speaking engagements or conducting executive workshops.