Events in 2017

Events in 2017 “Customer Engagement” Indian School of Business Hyderabad, India, July 2017 “How to Publish in Scholarly Journals” University of Leeds, Leeds, England, July 2017 “Meet the Editors” University of Leeds, Leeds, England, July 2017 “Rigor and Relevance in … Continue reading

Events in 2016

Events in 2016 “Economic Theory of Customer Valuation” Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India, November 2016 “Engagement Strategy: A New Source of Competitive Advantage” Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India, November 2016 “The Theory of Value in Customers” University of … Continue reading

Events in 2015

Events in 2015 “Customer Valuation Theory: The Role of Customer Lifetime Value” Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden, December, 2015 “Research Using Social Media and Digital Marketing: Three Research Studies” Singapore Management University, Singapore, November 2015 “Rigor and Relevance in … Continue reading

Events in 2014

Events in 2014 Advice from the editor of JM” Let’s Talk About Service Ghent University, Brussels, Belgium, December 2014 “What Matters in Social Media and Digital Marketing?” Digital Analytics Summit Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey, October 2014 “Capturing the Influence of … Continue reading

Events in 2013

Events in 2013 Building a Profitable and Loyal Brand & Customer Engagement Strategy January 2013 IIMA Marketing Conference: Emerging Economies in Marketing IIM Ahmedabad, India Research on Lifetime Value – Past, Present and Future February 2013 Wharton Marketing Camp 2013 … Continue reading

Events in 2012

Events in 2012 Profitable Brand & Customer Engagement June 2012 Marketing Scholar Forum X: Latest Challenges in Research in Marketing Hong Kong, China Marketing for Profitable Customer Engagement June 2012 47th AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium University of Washington, Seattle, … Continue reading

Events in 2011

Events in 2011 So, Where Does Marketing Go From Here – How to Create a Marketing Profession We Can All Be Proud Of June 2011 World Marketing Forum Accra, Ghana How MSI Has Influenced My Research June 2011 AMA Sheth-Foundation … Continue reading

Events in 2010

Events in 2010 Understanding the Drivers of Customer Referral Value June 2010 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference Cologne, Germany Uncovering Implicit Customer Needs for Determining Product Positioning: Growing Prudential Annuities January 2010 ISMS-MSI Practice Conference Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA … Continue reading

Events in 2009

Events in 2009 Building Profitable Loyalty in Food Retailing October 2009 Brand Loyalty Congress, Keynote Address Milan, Italy Measuring the Value of Customer Engagement September 2009 Thought Leadership Conference in Customer Management Montabaur Castle, Germany Cultivating Customer Loyalty: Why Businesses … Continue reading

Events in 2008

Events in 2008 Effect of Marketing Contacts in B2B Markets October 2008 DMEF Conference Las Vegas, NV Emerging Frontiers in Marketing Research August 2008 Discussant, AMA Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference Emerging Frontiers in Marketing Research San Diego, CA Collaborating Research … Continue reading