IMC Institute

IMC Institute is IMC International’s knowledge sharing platform. The institute’s mission is to share cutting edge research insights in areas of Marketing Solutions for Fortune 1000 firms in Financial Services, Information Technology, Telecom, Retail, Health Care, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Services industries. Executive workshops are currently being delivered to IMC’s Marquee clients on topics including:

  • Connecting Customer Loyalty to ROI, Profitability and Market Share
  • Defining, Measuring and Managing Customer Lifetime Value or Customer Equity
  • Keeping Customer’s Loyal in a dynamic business environment
  • Optimal Allocation of Marketing resources for maximizing Profits
  • Defining, Measuring and Managing Brand Equity
  • Mass Customization marketing Strategy for maximizing Profits
  • New Product Demand and Market Share Forecasting
  • Building a Customer centric organization and culture
  • Successful Online strategies for Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • When to Sell what to whom… and How?

The IMC Institute is also committed towards imparting customized training to industry professionals and practitioners providing latest insights in the following areas for Small and Medium Enterprises:

  • General Management Programs for CXO’s
  • Advanced Executive Program for shaping Innovation Leaders and Change Leaders
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Societal environment of Management

We recognize that every organization is unique, facing different set of challenges and corporate goals. Therefore, all our training modules (or information seminars) are meticulously tailored to meet the specific business objectives of our clients.Executive workshops and Training seminars are conducted by IMC’s Consulting team and external Management Consultants who have extensive industry experience.

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