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  • Marketing Intelligence
Our Clients
IMC's model implementation within IBM to optimize the number of times the organization contacts its customers, forecasting cost to serve, and imputing unobserved contribution margins resulted in a gain of over 20 million dollars.
IMC Institute
IMC Institute is IMC International's knowledge sharing platform. The institute's mission is to share cutting edge research insights in areas of Marketing Solutions for Fortune 1000 firms in Financial Services, Information Technology, Telecom, Retail, Health Care, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Services industries.
Database Marketing
Most firms make strategic marketing decisions without considering all available customer information. IMC helps its clients to effectively understand and utilize this information by planning effective database marketing campaigns.
Marketing Analytics
Our Marketing Analytics practice specializes in providing data analysis for firms with large customer databases. IMC functions as an extension of customer's existing Research and Development group to provide individual customer level marketing and strategic business insights.